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Caswell's is excited to present a full range of high quality loose leaf teas to complement our already established premium coffees. Specially blended from the worlds finest teas, by a Master Tea Blender and Perfumer in New York to guarantee quality, unique fresh flavors and distinctive aromas.

The range includes:

  • Blended Black Selection - Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Empire Earl Grey, Sunrise in Tibet & Assam
    Our blended black teas are based with fine Ceylon teas which are then infused with natural essences, fruits, flowers and spices.

  • Blended Green Selection - Spa & Rafia
    Blends of fine Japanese green Sencha with notes of fruits and flowers.

  • Single Estate White Teas - White Knight
    White teas are the most delicate of all teas; the finest varieties are appreciated by tea connoisseurs for their unmatched subtlety, complexity and natural sweetness. Usually only the youngest leaves, still covered with down are used. When infused, white tea has a pale yellow color and a delicate, fresh flavor.

  • Infusions & Rooibos - Sultan, Hawaii & Bali Bliss
    Natural fruit infusions without tea or caffeine. Fruit blends are great hot and iced. (Rooibos is African honey bush)

  • Decaffeinated Black Teas - Decaffeinated Chelsea Chai & Decaffeinated Tibetan Tiger
    The CO2 process is one of the most recent methods to decaffeinate tea. Unlike other decaffeinating processes, this method can be applied to almost all teas. The original character of fine estate teas is still distinguishable.

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