The second critical component to produce great coffee is the Espresso Machine. One made of high quality materials which controls, water temperature and pressure for the optimum espresso extraction consistently in a commercial operation. So that’s why from 2005 Caswell’s has been the sole distributor of the Italian made Rancilio machines and worked closely with Rancilio headquarters to drive the sales of Rancilio’s semi automatic and Egro’s Super automatic machines in Indonesia.
To support our commitment to Rancilio and Egro services, Caswell’s has fully qualified technicians (factory trained)  on staff, who are fully versed in semi automatics and full super automatic machines. Technicians, supported by sales staff and a full range of spare parts in inventory ensure fast and efficient warrantee servicing, repairs and cleaning.



silvia nuova 3-4 001

The stainless steel body adds to the design and makes the Silvia perfect for any type of décor.
Commercial style and features add to the professional image and quality.

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Epoca’s design is based on an extremely dynamic, informal style. The electronic Epoca E version allows you to achieve excellence in the brewing of quality espresso coffee, while the semi-automatic S version is extremely easy to use and reliable in every situation.
The S-Tank version with its own water tank makes Epoca a machine of unsurpassed versatility. Red and coal grey are enhanced by a metallic effect that gives Epoca a shiny, modern feel.


Classe7 Espresso machines

Classe 7 is designed to combine functionality, ergonomics and a contemporary look. It is available in the electronically-controlled E version, for precise, consistent dosing, and in the semi-automatic S version. This model is extremely versatile, with COMPACT E and S versions also available, making it adaptable to situations where space is an issue. The range is completed by the TALL version, for beverages served in large cups/glasses, and the LEVA, for all lovers of tradition.



This revolutionary hot water dispenser is designed to dispense water at four different temperatures at the touch of a button. You can pre-set these temperatures according to your menu. Its digital readout and ability to dispense hot water at multiple temperatures make this unit a must-have in any foodservice environment


Classe 5 USB 3gr iso

Industrially inspired functional minimalism and a contemporary aesthetics are the strong points of Classe 5. A machine that transforms basic essential and elegance into distinctive personality traits.

Technical Features

  • Independent heat exchangers
  • Electrical heating
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Boiler pressure control gauge
  • Pump pressure control gauge
  • Boiler pressure control with pressurestat
  • Multifunction on-board computer and USB port
  • Standard and COMPACT version 


Classe9 Espresso machines

Classe 9 is a perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. This product has been created using Rancilio LAB’s most innovative technology, and has set a new benchmark for style. The result of this commitment to design is a machine with extreme functional elegance.
The advanced version is equipped with USB technology for fast, precise management of the main machine settings. For simplified use, the semi-automatic 9 S version is also available, ensuring superb performance and top quality espresso. The range is completed by the TALL version, for beverages served in large cups/glasses.



Classe 9USB XCELSIUS has an eye-catching, futuristic design and is made from tough materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, so it’s packed with character. The Xcelsius system enables the temperature of the brew water to be set dynamically, in order to bring out distinctive flavor characteristics of each individual blend or single origin. Available with 2, 3 and 4 groups and also in a TALL version.

CLASSE 11 USB XCelsius

The Xcelsius system enables the temperature of the brew water for the coffee to be set dynamically, with an increase or decrease of up to 5°C (9°F) during the 25-30 seconds it takes for each individual delivery. This function allows the particular aromatic characteristics of each individual blend to be brought out for the perfect cup of coffee.



Technical features:

  1. Highest cup output in its class due to optimal process technology
  2. Consistent water temperature and longer life expectancy thanks to heatable stainless  steel brewing chamber
  3. Fastest milk system thanks to dual pump and frother head technology
  4. Consistent foam quality thanks high-quality foamer heads
  5. 100% hygienic and automatic cleaning due to patented milk line rinsing system
  6. Very maintenance-friendly due to easy accessibility of all components