caswellscoffee retail bag

At Caswell’s ensuring that our espresso is fresh and of the highest quality is paramount. Everything we do from purchasing, roasting through to delivery ensures that we keep our promise of freshness and quality at a competitive price.

Our experienced staffs (Certified Q graders) work closely with local coffee suppliers and selected international sources to ensure the purchase of A grade and Specialty grade Arabica green beans. By roasting close to market, we ensure the freshest and the best.

  • Daily Roasting – premium coffee is roasted daily in our Diedriech roasters located in Jakarta and Bali to guarantee freshness.
  • Date Roasted – every bag of Caswell’s coffee is date stamped so that you can see what day your Caswell’s coffee was roasted. We guarantee quality for 3 months after the roast date.
  • Air Locked bags – our bags have a one-way valve that allows the CO2 gas that occurs naturally after the beans are roasted to escape, while keeping out light, moisture, and oxygen.

The following is a coffee product that we have:

Inhouse Blends

Caswell’s Espresso

Caswell’s Espresso Blend is a full-bodied Italian style coffee, dark-roasted to bring out the full flavor of the South American and Indonesian beans. Satisfying served black or with milk and cream, suitable for all methods of extraction. Try this well balanced blend served as a traditional espresso (short black).

Caswell’s Rhino

A strong bodied coffee. It is the only Caswell’s blend with the added kick of the Robusta bean. Ideal for those who prefer their coffee with a punch.

Banquet Beans

A refined coffee with containing a combination of Indonesia A grade Robusta mixed with an Indonesia A grade Arabica.

Mocha Java

The oldest & most famous blend in the world.  This exquisite, non-espresso blend balances the delicate flavors of Ethiopian and Indonesian beans, to deliver a rich, spicy, full bodied coffee with a distinctive aroma.

Caswell’s Decaf

Caswell’s Decaf is a full flavored blend, which is regarded as one of the world’s greatest Decaf coffee blend.

Indonesian Single Origins

Celebes (Toraja) Kalossi

Full body, highly aromatic coffee

Sumatra Lintong

Mild, full body, earthy flavor, herbal aroma.

Java Jampit Estate

Strong vibrant flavor, rich full body, low acidity

Aceh Gayo

Strong aroma, medium body with chocolate like after taste

Bali Kintamani

Organically grown, full body with rich aroma

International Single Origins

PNG Bunom

Full body, sweet fragrance and aroma, hints of caramel flavor

Colombia Supremo

Medium acidity, deep, rich walnut flavor, full body

Brazil Santos

Soft in the cup, tobacco sweet middle notes, light mouth feel

Costa Rica Tarrazu SHB

Full body, rich, classically complete

Ethiopia Yirgacheff

Soft, winey, memorable aroma, slightly acidic

Guatemala SHB

Smooth, sweet, hints of spice, chocolate, cinnamon and smoke

Guatemala Huehuetenango

Full body, chocolaty and fruity flavors