Located in Jakarta and Bali, Caswell’s provide a relaxed home away from home atmosphere where you can find any coffee supplies here. From green beans to roasted beans, coffee accessories to cool machines.

Our place in Jakarta is a place to meet, eat, drink, relax and chat your morning and day away. Nestled with  hanging plants, terracotta pots and lush green surroundings, where you can plant yourself down and feel like you are somewhere outside this capital city.

The menu offers a number of comfort options for family and kids. Our sandwiches are quite favorite around here such as Thanksgiving to Reuben and Create Your Own Sandwich with your own preferences toppings and fillings. And don’t ever try to leave without sipping our coffee. Try out our best range of Indonesian to International Single Origins. You will be sure to find your next favorite on our plump list.

For you who stay and spend your time in the beautiful Bali, stop by at our store at Sunset Road, Kuta Bali. Make sure you brighten your day with a cup of Caswell’s before you hit the holiday mood.