• Rancilio Classe 11 USB Xcelsius Coffee Machine


    Classe 11 is a top-of-the-range, professional machine for espresso-based beverages. It has been designed to launch a strong signal in the market of high-quality coffee thanks to a simple and intuitive interactivity associated with a technological expression absolutely innovative in the Ho.Re.Ca. business. Inspired by the latest generation of smartphones, the user interface offers the barista a new emotional, perceptive and visual experience with elevated standards of user-friendliness.

    The Xcelsius system enables the temperature of the brew water for the coffee to be set dynamically, with an increase or decrease of up to 5°C (9°F) during the 25-30 seconds it takes for each individual delivery. This function allows the particular aromatic characteristics of each individual blend or single origin to be brought out for the perfect result in the cup. Classe 11 was conceived with the aim of establishing a new trade benchmark in terms of design, technology and interactivity. Classe 11: Just Forward!

    By Rancilio Group S.p.A.