• Q GRADER COURSE (May 15th-20th 2017)

    Note: Advanced level course, not suitable for inexperienced/new cuppers.

    Q Courses is designed, managed, and operated by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) to create a skilled and credible specialty Arabica coffee cuppers. The role of these cuppers is to consistently and accurately assess coffee quality, both cup and grade, as a part of its Q Coffee System.

    Q Graders are recognized as cuppers as skilled to:
    – Objectively assess coffee quality
    – Identify, quantify and articulate coffee characteristics
    – Detect coffee defects
    – Communicate coffee characteristics using common industry terminology

    Upon successful completion of the Q Grader program, certified Q Graders are permitted to evaluate Arabica coffees for CQI or a CQI In-country Partner.

    Q Grader Course is a 6 days series of calibrations, exercises, and exams that must be passed in order to qualify for certification, which will be held:

    Date: May 15th – 20th 2017
    Location: Caswell’s Campus
    Jl. Ampera Raya no 9, Cilandak Timur, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
    Max. capacity: 12 persons
    Instructors: Resianri Triane (Q Instructor)

    Course Schedule includes:
    – Introduction, Q System Overview
    – Review of Cupping Skills Module
    – Calibration Cupping – Training Exercise
    – Green Grading Skills Training Exercise & Exam
    – Review Code of Conduct
    – Olfactory Skills Module & Exams
    – Cupping Exams
    – Triangulation Exams
    – Matching Pairs Skills Module & Exams
    – Sample Roast I.D. Skills Module & Exams
    – General Knowledge Test Module
    – Sensory Skills Training Exercise

    Limited seats. Sign up now http://bit.ly/2mrkNzr