• Pre Q Course at Caswell’s

    Q Graders are cuppers who are recognized as skilled to objectively assess coffee quality, identify, quantify and articulate coffee characteristics, detect coffee defects, and communicate coffee characteristics using common industry terminology. Therefore attending a Pre Q Class could be as a baseline assessment of your coffee cupping skill level. Not only for the beginners, this kind of exercise could also be repeated periodically after becoming a CQI certified Q Grader to maintain proficiency and keep your skills sharpened in the workplace.

    Caswell’s Coffee has certified Q Graders staffs and would be more than happy to pass on to you the insights as a preparation before taking on a CQI certified Q Grader, which is held by CQI (Coffee Quality Institute).


    Pre-Q Course by Caswell’s

    August 18 – 20, 2015

    at Caswell’s Coffee Lab

    Jl. Ampera Raya no 9, Jakarta Selatan 12560

    Get the experience at its best with:

    An intensive 3 day training class and exam in which students will learn the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified Q Grader, which comprised of:

    • General knowledge: to learn more about coffee, cupping, and how to filling in the cupping form
    • Cupping: to evaluate coffee characters and quality
    • Triangulation: to distinguish differences between one coffee to other 3 coffee
    • Green and roasted coffee grading: to pick out and categorize coffee defects
    • Matching pair: to recognize organic coffee acids
    • Olfactory skill: to introduce 36 coffee aromas which are divided in 4 categories
    • Sensory skill: to explore the tongue sensitivity to basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty) with several levels