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NEW! Rancilio Classe 9 Xcelsius

Xcelsius Tag.png

Xcelsius is an innovative espresso brewing system developed  by Rancilio LAB, which enables the extraction water temperature to be controlled in a very precise and innovative way.

Xcelsius, now available on Classe 9, has been studied to be flexible and dynamic: it is possible to brew coffee and to change the temperature of the water during the brewing process. This technology is called TEMPERATURE PROFILING and this system is unique on the market.

The temperature of the water used when extracting coffee is the main parameter determining the final taste and aroma result in the cup.

So, changing the temperature during the extraction will enhance, conceal or modify the various fragrances of your blend or single origin. Xcelsius let you explore completely new sensorial possibilities provided by your blend.

This is a new frontier of the espresso extraction.

Last June we took part with Classe 9 Xcelsius at the tests organized by the World Coffee Events during the SCAE exhibition in Maastricht.

The machine passed brilliantly these tests. This means that we are qualified by World Coffee Events 2011, and we can compete for the equipment sponsorship at the World Barista Championship, the World Latte Art and the Coffee in Good Spirits.