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Join us for cupping where we take you to the next level of coffee appreciation

Coffee cupping is a quality control tool used in the coffee company to dissect the aromas and nuanced flavors from a selection of coffees, but in the cupping class we will be using it just for appreciation.

This cupping will be followed by a discussion of the coffees and their origins conduct by our experienced Cupper and Certified Q Graders

Cupping Class  - Rp. 250.000, - / Person (*exclude tax) 

(2hours onsite class max 10 person)

Our trainers will train you in: 

-          Basic coffee knowledge

-          How to read a cupping form and flavor wheel

-          Sensory evaluation of coffee (cupping)

o    Sniffing (Fragrance & Aroma)

o    Slurping (Acidity, Flavor  & Body)

o    Swallowing (Aftertaste)

 Including free:

-          Coffee Samples

-          Sandwich 

-          And a cup of Coffee