• Join us in a workshop full of fun sniffing and guessing! 



    Sept 28th & Sept 29th 2016

    Scentone is designed with a philosophy of creating a more systemized instrument of analysis that enables you to describe in a language used by experts the unique personality of each roasted coffee/ cup of coffee / coffee. This 5-hours course is in English and will be conducted by Jake Ahn, the co-Founder himself. This training will be held in 2 classes. You can choose to join the first class on September 28th 2016 or the 2nd class, on September 29th 2016. Both will be held at Caswell’s Coffee Lab.

    Targeted at training inexperienced participants.

    Participants will be trained in coffee flavor and the importance of recognizing coffee aroma. this systematic training provides a framework for consumers to be aware of and enjoy coffee aromas. It also divides coffee aroma into 9 larger categories.
    1. Scientific approach of the coffee
    Consideration of the taste and aroma in the 3rd wave coffee market

    2. Basic olfactory training LV1
    Be accustomed to the major 9 aroma categories which are frequently found incoffee

    3. Basic tasting training LV1
    Train on the basic 5 tastes and understand the brix difference of the coffee

    Limited seats available. Enroll now to http://bit.ly/2c3RADR