Join us for cupping where we take you to the next level of coffee appreciation.

Coffee cupping is a quality control tool used in the coffee company to dissect the aromas and nuanced flavors from a selection of coffees, but in the cupping class we will be using it just for appreciation.

This cupping session will be held in maximum 3 hours per session, followed by an introduction to specialty coffee, an introduction to SCAA Cupping Form, Cup and Calibrate minimum 3 sampels of coffee, and at the end a discussion, calibration, and evaluation. This cupping class is conducted by Resianri Triane, a certified Q Grader and CQI Assistant Instructor.

You’ll be trained in:

  1. The history and basic coffee knowledge
  2. How to interpret the  flavor wheel and complete the cupping form
  3. Sensory evaluation (cupping): sniffing (fragrance & aroma), slurping (acidity, flavor, and body), and swallowing (aftertaste)

Fee: IDR 350.000/person

Duration: 2-3 hours

Closest schedule: November 18th 2017


We offer a selection of public and private classes. Classes are designed to teach everyone, from the coffee novice to the experienced home barista, the elements of making good espresso and brewing great coffee.

3 day training course (20 hours)
Day 1 (7 hours):  – Coffee Knowledge  – Introduction to machines and equipment – Barista preparation techniques (Grinder setting and adjustment , correct dosing, correct tamping)

Day 2 (7 hours):  – Espresso techniques (Preparation and standard in serving espresso, evaluation of over extraction and under extraction)  – Milk frothing technique  – Basic recipes of hot and cold drinks

Day 3 (6 hours): – Machinery cleanliness and maintenance  – Other coffee preparation method  – Certification


Fee: IDR 4.000.000/person, includes: lunch, stationery, memo pad, apron

Maximum capacity in one class: 6 persons

Closest schedule: –

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Caswell’s Coffee was accredited as Indonesia’s first certified Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Campus. Caswell’s also has a CQI Assistant Instructor and would be more than happy to pass on to you the insights as a preparation before taking on certified Q Grader Program, which is held by CQI (Coffee Quality Institute).

Get the experience at its best with:
An intensive 3 day training class and exam in which students will learn the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified Q Grader, which comprised of:

  1. General knowledge: to learn more about coffee, cupping, and how to filling in the cupping form
  2. Cupping: to evaluate coffee characters and quality
  3. Triangulation: to distinguish differences between one coffee to other 3 coffee
  4. Green and roasted coffee grading: to pick out and categorize coffee defects
  5. Matching pair: to recognize organic coffee acids
  6. Olfactory skill: to introduce 36 coffee aromas which are divided in 4 categories
  7. Sensory skill: to explore the tongue sensitivity to basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty) with several levels


Fee: IDR 5.000.000/person

Duration: 3 days (09.00 – 16.00)

Closest schedule: November 21st -23th 2017

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