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This program is an intensive 6 day training course and exam in which students will learn the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified Q Grader.

Q  program is designed, managed, and operated by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) to create a skilled and credible specialty Arabica coffee cuppers. The role of these cuppers is to consistently and accurately assess coffee quality, both cup and grade, as a part of its Q Coffee System.

Q Graders are recognized as cuppers as skilled to:

  1. Objectively assess coffee quality
  2. Identify, quantify and articulate coffee characteristics
  3. Detect coffee defects
  4. Communicate coffee characteristics using common industry terminology

This course prepares students for the Q Grader Exam by teaching an overview of green coffee grading, roasted sample identification, and roasted grading tests using the SCAA standards, protocols, and cupping forms. The course provides the training necessary to attempt to pass the twenty-two tests given during the Q Graders exam.

A Q Grader certificate is valid for three years and is renewable upon completion by an accredited calibration course.


No formal prerequisites. However, the Q Grader Exam is an advanced level course and not suitable for inexperienced/new cuppers.


Duration: 6 days (09.00 – 17.00)

Maximum participants: 12 people

Closest schedule: TBC (to be confirmed)

SCAA Educational Pathways – Barista level 1

SCAA educational Pathway programs are internationally recognized and respected as the premier source of industry knowledge and the source of great coffee professionals. Many companies state that they seek out and show hiring preference to professionals who are Pathway graduates.  If you’re serious about a career in coffee, SCAA Pathways can prepare you for success.

Learn the basics of espresso preparation, milk, and drink building in the Level 1 Barista Pathway. With access to the best tools, coffees, and industry leaders, Level 1 Barista students receive expertly lead training and a comprehensive introduction to the espresso craft.


No formal prerequisites. However, this educational pathway is an advanced level course for barista and not suitable for inexperienced participant.


Duration: 4 days

Maximum participants: 12 people

Closest schedule: TBC (to be confirmed)