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On a regular basis Caswells Fine Coffees and Teas holds a Barista Competition for all the baristas at our Jakarta and Bali locations.

This winner is chosen as the 'Best Barista' and is selected based upon their knowledge and skill level thus helping to increase the overall performance of each barista by rating their proficiency in taste, technique, speed, creativity, and presentation.

In September 2002, Caswell's Coffee received the honor of winning 1st and 4th place at the Austral Asian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) Barista Competition, sponsored by Coffee and Tea Asia and the AASCA.

The contest was held in Kuala Lumpur and featured teams from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan. Our winning Barista used Caswell's Espresso Blend and prepared a Caswell's Raspberry Mocha Latte. After only being in operation for 6 months this was an incredible achievement for Caswell's Coffee.

Caswell's Coffee was then invited to represent Indonesia at the "World Barista Championship 2003" in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on April 26th-28th 2003. We were privileged to have our Barista take 17th place in the world.

At the inaugural Indonesian Barista Competition (2004) Caswell's again demonstrated  its strength and commitment by winning the top 4 places against teams from leading international coffee chains and Indonesian coffee shops.

At the 2nd Indonesia Barista Competition in 2006, Caswell’s Fine Coffees and Teas came 1st and 3rd place .