Caswell’s Fine Coffee was established in early 1999, with the commitment to serve only the freshest, specialty coffees in Indonesia.  Since then we have grown into one of Indonesia’s leading specialty coffee companies providing a one stop coffee solution for hotels, restaurants and cafes.

 “In the coffee business, coffee is only half the story; every good coffee requires a good reliable machine, a barista with the training and the accessories to make the perfect cup.”

Incorporating the finest Italian coffee traditions, Caswell’s adheres to the philosophy of the Four “M’s” in the pursuit of the perfect espresso and customer satisfaction.

1.     Miscela (Coffee Blend)
2.     Macchina (Coffee Machine)
3.     Macinadosatore (Coffee Grinder)
4.     Mano (Barista)

As we have a passion for great coffee, We have skilled, trained staff in the art of coffee making. Current and previous achievement and awards, include:

–       4 persons Certified Q graders
–       2 persons SCAA Star Cuppers
–       World Barista Championship (WBC) Certified Sensory Judge
–       Barista Champion:

  • 2002 : 1st and 4th at the “Austral Asian Specialty Coffee Association” Barista Competition
  • 2003 : 17th place in the “World Barista Championship 2003” in Boston, Massachusetts, USA,
  • 2004 : The top 4 places at the inaugural Indonesian Barista Competition
  • 2006 : 1st and 3rd place at the 2nd Indonesian Barista Competition
  • 2009 : 1st and 3rd place at the 3rd Indonesian Barista Competition
  • 2011 : 1st and 2nd  in Bali’s Regional elimination round for the Indonesian Barista Competition
  • 2013 : 1st  in Bali’s Regional elimination round for the Indonesian Barista Competition
  • 2013 : 3rd place Indonesian Barista Competition
  • 2014 : Grand Finalist Indonesian Barista Championship


On December 1st, 2015, Caswell’s Coffee lab was accredited as Indonesia’s first Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Campus. Over the past 6 months Caswell’s Coffee, Jakarta has been closely collaborating with SCAA, the world’s largest coffee trade association to bring their expertise to Indonesia.

Now having been successfully certified as a SCAA Campus, Caswell’s is licensed to host both internationally recognised, SCAA Pathway Programs and also the Q Grader Certification Course designed by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

Located in Jalan Ampera Raya, Jakarta, Caswell’s Coffee Lab, Roastery and Coffee Store provides the ideal place to learn about and taste different coffees from around the world. Caswell’s Coffee is proud to continue its ongoing support for Indonesia’s specialty coffee industry

Let’s have a coffee with us to find out more.